3rd ODI Pak v Ind can produce medium advantages

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15 Responses

  1. Laxman says:

    hello, my friend, how are you.

  2. Butt says:

    It was missed, surprised to read that you really predicted.

  3. Rojer says:

    this was stunned me.

  4. amir says:

    Outclass prediction M.R Magician shown his class both teams take safe point and pk produce winning momentum wow perfect live information totally matched with match situation great job octopus and ocube. sir i want to know will u take part in West Indies Domestic? we will miss u if u dont

  5. John says:

    Very shameful performance by Pakistanian, completely club level batting but i must say street level. On the other hand Renagades chased over 150 runs in 20 overs losing on 1 wicket against the world class australian bowlers. and pak failed to chase 169 in 50 overs.
    i must say it was fixed. this game was the evidence of this revival series. Cricket is not clean yet.
    CO, you all guys are doing the right things i am happy and much satisfied that cric is beside me for help.

  6. KD says:

    CO, i wanna say a simple question? which was i obvious keep asking again and again.
    why you are not giving me the chance to do something for you ppl as they done for me. the whole series was a gift for me.
    give me please. leave win-lose thing i just wanna praise CRIC with my style.
    this is new season and i am the oldest guy you have and i am expecting now?

  7. Pakiboy says:

    Come on man what a match and prediction u must be having Jinni with u. kool cheers

  8. Sharma says:

    is this is a cricket. ridiculous cricket from India but most beautiful cricket from Pakistan. i am happy for Paki team they gave me the happiest time today.

  9. Momin says:

    tension creating cricket.

  10. Pakiboy says:

    Paki team started playing like 8 months children. some thing is fisshhii going there. i afraid misbah is playing his real game more dots than score,haha

  11. Surbhi says:

    How is this perfect analysis? India to win is the Cric prediction. U say after toss both team to take adv pak to take in second inning. How is it perfect info please.

    • CO says:

      @surbhi: hi, i am happy to see you around but not as much happy to read your comment. Pakistan was not favorite at the start of match but was end favorite after first innings and dead favorite during 2nd innings and India won. now what you want? OK, leave the result, just check this, after toss Ocube picked Pak, and Pak gave safe point. Info marked. is it simple? where is the problem?
      @pakiboy: hi where you been? my colleagues will love to see your comment. Well, we dont have any kind of Jinni thing. lol
      @KD: hey hope you are fine big man, your request has been put forward. hope to see positive response. i liked that you mentioned this as bloody match. cool
      @john: hey old pal, looking bz, yea different environments has different behavior. well, everyone has right to say and such results give power to such thoughts. but thanks for the admiration.
      @amir: hi man, i am happy to see your comments and the understanding building around CRIC. i appreciate you interest but CRIC is not participating in Caribbean T20 due some site issues. However center can fetch the info. You know its not a big deal.
      thanks to all hope you all fine.

  12. Rahim says:

    Sir, just chill. 🙂 outclass bowling performance.

  13. Sharma says:

    Yes brother, i am watching with you and waiting for winning live hints.

  14. KD says:

    It could be bloody match. i would love to get safe points.

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