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Cricket Research and Information Center

Sport of cricket has been gloating for last many centuries. This sport was used to play by Emperors and one can never deny or debase its exulted fame. Nearly the half decay Cricket holds a firm position in the sports arena. Over nearly 20 countries including worlds’ advance and famous nations are playing this sport. Now a day, Cricket is getting much publicity and becoming one of a big entertainment due to its high pressure situations, physical skills, expertise, suspense, drama, media involvement, unexpected results, worldwide fame and big prizes.

CRIC (Cricket Research and information Center) is performing deep and detail research on this amazing sport and providing clean and effective information. In this center we review every sector of the match while holding almost all kinds of situations. The sectors are like batting, bowling, fielding, umpiring, player’s fitness, coaching, playing techniques and toss. The situations are like performances, power plays, match turning points, match strategies and captain decisions etc. We are neither astrologist nor pundits and using neither psychic animals nor illegible unknown theories.  We are professionals with high deep sight on recordable situations of various games.

CRIC feels Cricket is a pure organization which has brought forward by professionals. We believe in corporate strategies and hold a strong grip on the Cricket History of playing countries, and we have teamed up all series in different groups. Groups are maintained by batting first, batting second, best chase, best team bowling, best team batting, nerve jingling results, attacking spells and tosses. These Groups further bisect in Sub-Groups, in which matches are categorized by calendar dates, captain, individual team player records, performances and favoritism. By using these graphically averages and statistics our department called Octopus predefine the information and logical behavior on the upcoming match. Octopus predictions evolve in a safe point given by selected team as well as the winner result till an end of a match.

CricOctopus realize that every series has its own modes of results depending upon the ground, previous result, team players, past performance and records, which have deep connections with the coming match. CRIC has introduced the “Ocube” (Octopus Ozone Organizer) in World Cup 2011 which reconciles the situation with the prediction during the match and rejoins them to guide viewers with the detailed live information.

CRIC by the research work of Double O (Octopus and Ocube) manipulates the most beneficial information that keeps cricket fans away from pressure and confusing situations. Double O try to produce such info that mostly gives a safe zone from where fans could save their interest by leaving their passion and idealization about their teams to become winner.

Our Mission:

We heard lot of stories about cricket fans. Stories described happiness, celebrations, anxiety, disappointment, fight and patience. After a match result, we saw some were dancing in streets, some were arranging parties, some were falling from top building and some were throwing their TVs out of the windows. After a long serious drive based upon such an unacceptable and abnormal results, not from the match but from the cricket fans. CRIC has announced Octopus in September 2010 globally. Octopus provides information about the result of the match, toss, players’ performance and series victory for those who love to watch and play this game to build their confidence to control their nerves. CRIC shows care about all fans and provides information for both playing cricket teams. So that, their fans should know what could be the harsh and cool result will come after this match. Our clients and users are much satisfied with the productivity of pure information. In a future mission, Octopus will consider the other format of sports like football, rugby and horse races etc., soon under its nails.

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