cricket faqs

It is our pleasure to have you look into our site for the best cricket action. CRIC (Cricket Research and information Center) has compiled a list of cricket FAQs regarding site philosophy and working criteria.

What does Octopus do?
Octopus is a department carried through experienced professionals. Octopus produces cricket predictions after detail work on past and recent performance of teams. Every prediction first refers to the safe point provider and second to the winner of cricket match. If predicted team generates safe point but does not win the match, the prediction will consider as right.
In league T20 matches, prediction refers to the team which can take more advantages and has better position in favoritism behavior. CRIC receives information from Octopus and publishes winner of toss, provider of safe point and winner of the coming cricket match.

What does Ocube do?
Ocube (Octopus Ozone Organizer) is another department which provides information after the toss of cricket match. Ocube gives updates about positions of teams in favoritism behavior during the live match. Ocube basically not only supports provided information of Octopus but it also assesses the next advantage taker during the live match.
In this department detail work is done on many active situations of cricket. Upon receiving information CRIC publishes live updates for both teams during the match.

What does THT mean?
Octopus as a sea animal contains three hearts in the body. CRIC develops a theory upon this inspiration called THT stands for Three Hearts Theory. Both Octopus and Ocube use this innovative theory to produce information. As we know match can tie and in Test, draw is considered as a result. THT is used for these results in cricket matches as we have seen mostly in Test cricket.

What is Favoritism Behavior?
Favoritism relates to the Top Ten Ranking list produced by ICC. List is built on seasonal performance of cricket teams in all three formats. If top team plays against 4th ranked team then top team will get the favorite position before the start of match.
During the live cricket match, due to different performance, teams get different positions from favoritism behavior.

What does the term ‘Favorite’ mean?
The term favorite defines the position of team from where it is likely to win the event.

What does ‘Safe Point’ mean?
Safe point is one of the best and most unique things about cricoctopus. This is the point from where one can ease the pressure and nervousness of a match to ensure that either team win or lose.
For an example, if favorite (30% winning chance) team becomes most favorite (70% winning position) during the match then this new position will consider as safe point. This will also occur when non-favorite team becomes half favorite or dead favorite team becomes equally favorite during the match. etc.

How to define positions of team during live match?
Ocube provides updates during the live match about the team who has the chances of victory. The chances of both teams are calculated between 10 to 199 percents. If ‘A’ team has most favorite position, it will has nearly 60% chance of winning than ‘B’ team, which will has non-favorite position with -140% chance.
FD- Favoritism Dead: 0-1%
SF- EQF- Equally Start Favorite: 1-10%
F- Favorite: 10 to 25%
RF- Real Favorite: 25 to 40%
HF- Half Favorite: 40 to 60%
MF- Most Medium Favorite: 60 to 80%
EF- End Favorite: 80 to 90%
DF- Dead Favorite: 90 to 99%
NF- Non-Favorite: -100 to -5000%

What does the term ‘Fluctuation’ mean?
During the live cricket match, if the favorite position holder team does not perform well then the team which is not favorite takes over the favorite position. Such variation in positions defines Fluctuation.

What are the Advantages?
Change in position of team produces advantage. This is explained as small, medium and big advantages. Big advantage mostly relates to the safe point. If position changes from favorite to half favorite position, it will consider as small advantage taken by team.

What if I did not pick Octopus prediction from start?
Predictions refer to safe point mostly to prevent nervousness in the live cricket match. If you are not able to go along with Octopus from the start then live updates from Ocube can help in this regard. If Ocube does not provide any updates during the live cricket, the match will consider as straight as per prediction.

Can I have complete prediction for whole cricket series?
CRIC publishes information right before the live cricket action. CRIC performs deep research on many aspects of cricket before live match. Center realizes that each match has a connection with other match therefore a series or even whole cricket calendar year is mapped like chain. It is not possible to produce serial predictions due to the variation in many situations like results, injuries, squad, weather and captain’s approach etc.
Center provides previews for coming tours. Octopus produces analysis on previews in which team’s coming performance, key player, targets, series or cup favorite winner etc are assessed. So this can help in this matter.

What makes CRIC different from others?
Cricoctopus is an online center maintained by qualified professionals nor astrologists nor pundits nor any species. CRIC realizes this sport is full of techniques, strategies, experiences and fortune. Octopus produces information after deep research work on coming match which is then summarized using THT for publication by Center. Info is only for share purpose, like it or dislike it, the decision is yours.
Driven by experienced cricket professionals, the cricOctopus is the only platform which is distributing updates for favoritism behavior of match. Through this innovative online center one can easily understand the way cricket match ends and the situations created by performance of teams.
Non like other predictors, Information given by CRIC is uniquely compiled for both playing teams. So that fan of each team could share its own methodology with the given info.

What is the difference between International prediction and League prediction?
CRIC understands both International cricket and League cricket as a two different entertainers. Octopus predicts a straight winner of match and safe point provider in international information whilst for league information, predicts the team which is favorable to take advantages and to give safe point.
Center provides live match analysis from Ocube on both entertainers to recheck and to make change in post information during the cricket match. Ocube has the authority to create live predictions either in accordance with the Octopus or against it.

What else do I need to know?
CRIC is the world’s first international online sports center of its kind, and pioneered the first successful Live cricket assessments-analysis-predictions in CWC 2011. One has many desires for team but sometime team does not come up to expectations then desires are broken. Unrivaled Ocube has eliminated most of traditional confusion, depression, anxiety etc produced during the live action.
Be aware that the updates screen will normally refresh in every 300 seconds but one can press F5 from keyboard to view the latest updates.

Why my comments are often approved late?
CRIC receives bulk of comments due to its international fame and users, and on this load we have to face delay but this does not mean that comments are deleted. All comments are read carefully right on time but get approval after consideration.
Our regular genuine users get approval mostly on time, and we always prefer to reply in hurry if necessary. Although having free users genial blog, it is not possible for most of our friends to take part in commenting during the match but our regular users with their respected comments are always appreciated, and will get advantage from their contribution in future.

I want to give value to your free work:
CRIC thanks to our all users for participating, sharing and admiring our given philosophy related to cricket. Double O has been helping out countless cricket fans in desperate, confused and tense situations since long. After 3 years of unbeaten services as a user genial platform, CRIC is obliged to offer an opportunity to maintain future beneficial services under many prospects.
To keep our mutual relation intact and to make free analysis more valuable, now you can give us your warm appreciations by online Paypal, Credit cards and Debit cards.

Did you not make any contribution yet?

All you need to click on above provided button which will lead you to the payment window where you will find an empty box on the upper left corner. In that box you will write the amount of money you wished to contribute either from your Paypal account, debit or credit cards. All amounts will be accepted as British Pounds, US and Australian Dollars.

Sometimes, why CRIC stops predicting the live match?
When CRIC does not anticipate online, it could have several reasons. Sometimes website needs maintenance, sometime we face internal technical server issues, sometimes we do for our own concerns and sometimes we give private services. CRIC has made countless faithful friends in the world, and due to this solid and beneficial relation sometimes the Center gives private services to its loyal friends after the approval of affirm payment contract. The contracted services may be for only single match or for complete series or for tournament or for whole season. In that period of time, CRIC also gives information to its contributors by a single mail. CRIC is still not introducing any limits for contributing but the service weight of private/personal info will depend on the sole volume of contributions.

How do i know about payment contracts and private services?
After giving regular contribution to appreciate and praise our services, you will get the detail of Terms and Conditions by mail on your given personal email upon your requirements. CRIC has no membership plans yet, the contracts are created but only for regular and faithful friends after the approval of your contribution along your desires. Therefore, Center needs to know what is in your mind, and why and for what purpose you want our services? Or you only want an opinion for your own ideal team or you want to rely on our analysis.

How do i become member or get personal email?
There is no memberships plans introduced by the Center. The more you will contribute the more you will get info. During the private period of services, center remains in contact with its FINEST and REGULAR contributors by personal emails, and often publish free info online too. But in future, memberships will be announced but still enjoy free as far as it would remain free.

How do i understand the term Regular contributions?
There is no fixed fee for single match or for whole series. But our resource system requires contributions in regular intervals to procure the personal and private info on regular basis. If given info marks the behavior with perfection, the system will add up payback contributions automatically in parallel. You have to readjust your next payments upon the perfection of previous given info by your own to remain in the tale. Our resource system works at parallel graphical interface where the values of contributions always remain high. The graphs are made up of your given payments and our info.