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IPL6 T20 cricket match live analysis Dhoni v Gambhir

Dhoni v Gambhir IPL6

Dhoni v Gambhir IPL6

Octopus: The IPL6 T20 cricket match of Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings will be played on 28 April 2013 at Chennai. Favoritism has given favorite position to CSK. Match behavior can give medium advantages. The weather forecast is pleasant for cricket.

38th IPL6 match: Chennai Super Kings is favorite.

Toss: KKR can win.

Ocube: The live match predictions of today’s cricket depends on detail review of several ongoing activities which might change the post information. And It maybe updated after toss.

Updates: Welcome folks to the KKR v CSK match of IPL 6 T20. Gambhir and Dhoni is in the middle for toss, KKR has won the toss and Gambhir has invited MSD to bat first. Enjoy the match.

Massage: The first half of an exciting journey of Pepsi IPL has just completed. So far we have seen many impressive information and live prediction given by Double Os. But onward, CRIC has committed their working hours with private memberships. The site will on a maintenance mode during the rest days of IPL. So, you may have some sort of inconvenience. CRIC treasures your participation and will try to publish important info of coming games. If its impossible it will be emailed (commented mail IDs) after the approval of our Terms and Conditions. Meanwhile, keep yourself safe ya.

Live: CSK score 67/0 in 6 overs and is at most favorite position.

Live: score 114/1 in 12 overs. CSK is nearly at end favorite position. Massive.

Live: score 151/1 in 15 overs. CSK is at end favorite position.

Live: CSK has made total of 200/3 runs and is at most favorite position. The information has provided the safe point in 1st innings. KKR can take advantage onward. So, have a safe break.

Live: KKR score 63/2 runs in 6 overs. After CSK stayed at half favorite position is now at most favorite position.

Live: score 99/2 in 12 overs. CSK is at most favorite position.

Live: score 119/3 in 14 overs. CSK is at dead favorite position. 82 runs required from 36 balls.

Live:50 runs from 18 balls. CSK is at end favorite position.

Live: score 172/3 in 18 overs. Both teams are at equally favorite position. Brilliant.

Live: 19 runs of 6 balls. CSK is at half favorite position.

Result: Classical performance by the home side, yellow force made it. They strongly caught the behavior in accordance with the live analysis. The KKR v CSK match gave two important points to Chennai. Well, as per above mentioned massage, the predictions is going offline in rest of IPL 6 matches and CRIC will not participate online due to the services arrangements with private members. The request can be made here in comments.

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