IPL7 winner results, predictions and analysis 2014

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19 Responses

  1. Imti says:

    The heat is on, the crucial part of the league has arrived.

  2. dolin says:

    Give some authentic free info for coming couple of games.

  3. Kaleem says:

    unbelievable u are making me crazy

  4. Usman says:

    Impressive status

  5. KD says:


  6. Manoj says:

    great sir, what an excellent IPL i am having big thanks still i wanna rock in India leg. Journey has been in the middle and ppl are asking payments, thats funny

  7. Joe says:

    Your results are excellent pointing at your experts experience.

  8. Rehman says:

    Please give winner teams, tell me the price

  9. Edward says:

    so admirable. very pleasing, Center should had taken private services decision before

  10. Shivem says:

    i saw your perfect free predictions you should keep on this, i dont have paypal or cards. kindly give free to help ppl like me.

  11. Khalid says:

    Dear Admin, I just visit your site plz can you explain me how i can get your predictions for the matches

    • CO says:

      helo, hope everyone is doing well in IPLT20. As CRIC is working privately for old friends and newly contributors, the information will remain as same as i told you before WT20. It could become free rarely during IPL but mostly will remain private. So far CRIC has done marvelous job in predicting the UAE leg matches.
      @blaze: Hi, what i think on reading your question, you do not have to take this heavy load of but/if/what pressure on your brilliant mind. Stay happy and be cool, Our ordinary info has no match with your brilliance dear. So, take a chill pill. i wish our policy will change someday to answer these questions. thanks
      @ajay: welcome, as per our missionary statement, we don’t have right to ask amounts, we are here to spread amounts only. But our old loyal valuable friends who are doing business with us like our hard work results only for their own beneficial purpose. Anyhow, when CRIC never afraid of giving free valuable info why are you afraid of contributing in regards.
      @tahir, @Khalid: Welcome, it is written on FAQs, About Us, Terms and Conditions Pages. You must understand the philosophy first, (offered in Sep2013, before it CRIC was free totally) then contribute for personal reasons during off days. otherwise wait for free info.
      Thanks and regards
      Mr. CO
      Communication Offcier

  12. Ali says:

    Reply me sir

  13. tahir says:

    Hi sir i want see ur prediction

  14. sunil says:

    Co sir pls can u tell me who will win tom match as per ur prediction.

  15. ajay says:

    boss why do u not be direct and say how much donation does one have to hive to become member? why?

  16. Blaze says:

    Thanks for your reply and taking out your precious time to do so. I have understood what u say of course I know that was small but u have not mentioned any where what is assumed as an ok no and then for how long u r a member,So let me know what no u guys think is ok and then I will think what has to be done. Thanks

  17. Blaze says:

    Hi , buddy me and my friend have been trying to understand from so long as to how to become members to get ur match predictions. U even went to the extent of making a donation and seing if u respond t only respond one gets is thank u for ur donation n a reference no and no replies to any inquiry’s, come on mate what is happening have been trying to get this answe now and y do t u put a link or mail address or no where in people can directly write to u an get a reply? Please please let me know. Thanks.

    • CO says:

      @blaze: hi, i remember you are using our info since long. If you did not get next mails from authorized person then it means that you do not get approval. On-this you have to think it again. Our Resource System requires much points and your contribution was far short. This is how we work, everything is well-written on site. Our policy does not allow us to communicate privately. you can talk in comments as long as you wish. thanks for your valuable suggestions.

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