Octopus Prediction for IPL-4 cricket matches on 27 Apr 2011

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4 Responses

  1. moyel says:

    Your website has inspired me to really change the way I blog. I want to let you know I appreciate your hard work.

  2. dmentia says:

    I just added your RSS Feed on my RSS reader it is so nice to read your blog.

  3. sateesh says:

    toooo late predictions,,,mid of the match any one can predict the match atleast with 90% acuracy,,,,i hope octopus reacts early

    • CRIC says:

      @Sateesh; dear you are our valuable regular user and we always respect your comments. The point you mention is good but as for as prediction is concern, the IPL team which is favorite before the match is predicted ( for winner of match & toss ) by Octopus. If you review whole Predictions you come to know that the teams predicted, held right, and stay favorite throughout the match mostly. However, in IPL which is a domestic league although very famous, the Ocube guides the rest positions for winners during live match.
      For your concern, as this league is nearly half way through so Ocube will work on this to share the information as early as possible. That is why you must keen toward Live information. You should also share what you think during the match.
      Communication Officer

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