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Royals v Knight Riders IPL6 match behavior report



Octopus: The eighth T20 cricket match of Pepsi IPLT20 between Kolkata Knight Riders v Rajasthan Royals will be played on 08 April 2013 at Jaipur. KKR is at favorite position in favoritism. The match behavior can give medium advantages. Therefore, the safe points will be watchful. The weather forecast is fair for cricket.

8th IPL 6 match: Kolkata Knight Riders is favorite.

Toss: Dravid can win.

Ocube: The live match prediction of today’s cricket depends on detail review of several ongoing activities which might change the post information. And It maybe updated after toss.

Updates: Welcome to the KKR v RR IPL6 match behavior coverage. Time for toss, Gambhir wins and KKR will bowl first. At the moment, KKR is at favorite place. Shane Watson is going to face Brett Lee. He is on the move.

Live: RR score 35/1 in 6 overs. KKR is at half favorite position.

Live: score 69/3 in 12 overs. KKR is at half favorite position.

Live: score 100/3 in 15 overs. KKR is at favorite position.

Live: score 101/5 in 16 overs. KKR is at nearly at most favorite position. Great.

Live: RR has posted total of 144/6 runs. KKR is at half favorite position. 1st innings gave medium advantages to both teams. 2nd innings can go on with the same behavior. break.

Live: KKR score 26/2 in 4 overs. After stayed at most position is now at favorite position.

Live: score 40/2 in 6 overs. KKR is at nearly half favorite position.

Live: score 46/5 in 8 overs. RR is at nearly end favorite position. Wow.

Live: score 56/6 in 11 overs. RR is at dead favorite position. Enjoy.

Live: score 90/6 in 14 overs. RR is at half favorite position. Good. 55 runs required from 36 balls.

Live: 36 runs required from 18 balls with 2 wickets in hand. RR is at end favorite position.

Live: 23 runs from 12 balls. RR is at most favorite position.

Result: Brilliant performance by the home side. They dominated the 2nd innings and won their 2nd consecutive match. Hope you enjoyed the behavior report of KKR v RR IPL6 match. The information marked in first innings but failed to catch the 2nd half. See ya.

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  1. KD

    excellent, ppl are still unaware with the precise and innovative system of CRIC has invent what i think CO, ppl hv habit to receive winner info directly because of the prediction services given on the net by countless websites. though many of these sites getting info from CRIC. CO, make some details so can v get this balloon.

    1. CO - Post author

      @bannu: OMG, Os hit more than a half matches without any doubt. What to say on your informative comment, i do not know? just recheck it. dont make this mistake again my friend. or try to gain some courage to comment again when you see some matches going right. why is that so difficult? @kd: thanks for your words, CRIC has already make many holes in that balloon, i hope all here will soon get this in their pockets. take care

  2. Joy

    Hi Bro, Feeling much more closer to you, I am really begining to get finally what u are meaning , Just hope i have finally reached the right door to you. God Bless. In 2nd Inning also KKR gave med advantage from end fav to half fav maybe not safe point but advanatge yes. Thanks to the info i was able to save myself God Bleaa Loads of Love Please do open the door. Cant wait

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