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Following Terms and Conditions are related to CricOctopus for your acknowledgment and acceptance. Please read the following carefully before using the site.

The site is only for personal use and may not use for the commercial purpose or in the way that is unlawful and harmful. All information, content, service marks and materials contained on the site are the copyrighted property of the site. Which can be change or delete or update at any time, in any way, for any or no reason by us. This is for your assurance that the material on site (text, images, photographs, service marks, commercials, information or any business traders) is prohibited for transferring and downloading otherwise it is at your own wholly risk.

The Company policy does not allow us to accept or consider any prohibited, unlawful materials from anyone or from any source so please do not distribute such things to avoid the misunderstandings. We hope you understand that it is policy, when any material developed by us might seem to others to be similar to their own or other party work. You hereby grant us for the submissions on our permission free from payment for you, other entity, an irrevocable, non-exclusive, service marks, trade secrets and any intellectual property you own or control, use, reproduce, print, publish, display, exhibit, distribute, copy, host, store, cache, index, archive, categories, comment, edit, modify, broadcast, translate or readjust to work based upon such submission. If you represent any submission (in accounts, public forums, comments) then you warrant that it is under the terms and conditions. You agree that any submission made by you is not being expose any relationship (moral rights or similar) between you and us in any way, so you agree not to enforce such rights to us or our agents, representatives and authorized users and any others who may possess such rights. Center does not allow any of its own employees to contact with site-users in person by messengers, social networks, cell phones, emails or any other by-pass means. Only on-site communication and discussion is allowed in comment threads. Therefore, anyone claiming and agreeing as a representative of CRIC on any other source of communications will be consider as a liar, fraudulent, thieve, deceiver, untruthful, dishonest, deceitful, perfidious, traitorous and similar to these means. To contact CRIC representatives see below latest updates.

Site may require from you to create an account for participation. The details of participants will remain secure/safe with the center and visitors can access comfortable way to unsubscribe from site anytime.

It means an area on site where users/visitors distribute their submissions. Site provides forms on sidebars and popups to collect the required contact details.

Center can produce/introduce right to secure/delete any posted information from the website for any positive means.

The following materials are not be submit or distribute on site by you.
Abusive, threatening, harmful, wrong by law, disturb the privacy of person, hateful, violent, vulgar, pornographic, illegal or encourages illegal activity, sexual assault, fraud, drug dealing, criminal activity, theft, harassment, violation of any rights, commercial base business, advertisement, personal information publicity, virus, damage components, spamming, trolling or other anti-information known by the internet. If there any such submission occurs which is prohibited by terms then we are not assure or responsible to the risk of harm or injury resulting from usage of such submissions.

We give no warranty in respect of any material (text, images, photographs, service marks, commercials, information or any business traders) are current, complete, error-free, accurate or that the defects will be corrected or repaired or the server or software are working properly or other components like Third Party Sites are viruses free or harmful. The use and the result of such material or service is may related to the site but we give no liability to user or consumer rights. The site may contain links to other sites (Third Party Sites) as well as images, photographs, articles, adds, music, sound, application software or any other produced by other sites, we explicitly disclaim any responsibility for the availability, accuracy and authentication for such material from linked sites. We are not held responsible or make no warranties concerning to the third party contents or other linked materials to be accurate, complete or helpful or to be protected and competent of securing of personal information (credit cards, home addresses, transactions, bio-data-etc) you might expose. So you are not suppose to claim anything for this site with respect of using such materials. We strongly recommend you to be secure or feel fully confident at your own before proceeding.
We do not give any our liability directly or indirectly to the third party as well as the third party contents accuracy and the loss, damages, expense or infection caused by the use of material provided. BY USING THE MATERIAL ON THE SITE AND ON THE THIRD PARTY SITE IF THERE IS ANY DEATH OR PERSONAL INJURY OR PSYCHOLOGICAL LOSS OCCURS THEN WE DO NOT GIVE ANY OUR LIABILITY TO SUCH HAPPENING, OTHERHAND IF THERE ANY BONUSES, GIFTS, PROMOTIONS YOU RECEIVES, WE ALSO NOT HELD LIABLE. If there is any failure, delay, interruption arises from any cause what so ever under these terms, then we will not be liable or responsible for such disturbance.

These terms of use are terminate by us or by you at any time. You may terminate these terms at disconnecting from site and canceling all the materials obtained from the site or we reserve the right to change, delete, or modify these terms at any time without notice and if there any amendment made you are served under these revised terms with your acceptance. cricoctopus.com is a record base and informative service on the web. cricoctopus.com does not accept any liability arising from any inaccuracy or loss in the information provided. cricoctopus.com advises the visitors should verify important information before entering or viewing the site. cricoctopus.com is also not responsible to the provision of any kind of warranties/grantees.


6.1.17: The whole theme/structure has been replaced with new design/structure. The site content remain unchanged with new text formating while the image’s ratio has been changed according to the new theme/structure.

5.8.15: Old published data of required/calculated amount has been deleted from site under clause 5. Whilst working status in records will present the values of such data.

4.1.14: Now REGULAR contribution is the main road to get into our member’s circle. The more you will contribute, the more you will get the detailed information, and get into the circle where you can perform according to your own interest. It is contributor’s right to show their required fields of interest. So that CRIC could configure either these will be approved or not.

3.10.13: Those who do not contribute and desire a straight plan for their own interest or those who need a single info are being informed with details privately on their personal emails (after approval). Our system records and protects customer’s every information from third party. Under update 1.10.13, each customer is differentiated, is verified and is treated differently on the same manners of update 3.10.13.

2.10.13: These contributions do not produce any limits or restrictions to the working behavior of cricoctopus.com, neither contains any means nor approval. CRIC has the authority to whom they provide personal minor info or to whom they provide personal detailed info. Otherwise, these non-refundable/non-claimable contributions will be accepted as an appreciations to this free cause or services. The Center has all rights reserved for making information free anytime online for those who did not or cannot close with us under any circumstances.

1.10.13: Accepts contributions from now onward to build a healthy and useful relationship. For seeking information online and offline from cricOctopus.com at your own will (under site terms and conditions), your REGULAR contribution towards obtaining personal information is not only the prior first step to be informed but also the base of your future trouble free membership plans.